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Sevastopol is a city of disputed location in terms of which country it belongs to: it is currently the subject of a city battle between Ukraine and Russia. It is considered a "city with special status" by Ukraine and a Federal city by Russia. It is located on the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea and formerly belonged to Crimea. After Crimea was annexed, the land dispute began. 

An ancient city, Sevastopol was established as a Greek colony in the 6th Century BC, then called "Chersonesus," a city that grew wealthy and powerful and thrived as a part of the Greek empire for over 2,000 years. Chersonesus was later taken over by the Bosporans, and then the Mongols, before being completely abandoned around the 14th Century. The city of today was founded on top of the former Greek city in 1793, as a naval base.

Today, Sevastopol is known for its beauty, elegance, for its shifting lack of precise certainty in which country it belongs to, blend of cultures, architecture, bay, maritime sports and economy, dolphin studies and training, marine biology, beaches, and tourism.

People Born in Sevastopol

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Sevastopol in People's Lives

Leo Tolstoy: After three years of working for the Russian army as a junker in the Caucasus Mountains, I was transferred to this city in November of 1854, where I participated in fighting the Crimean War. Having already had a novel recently published, I spent more and more time writing. I left in August of 1855.

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