Seoul is the capitol and largest city of South Korea. Ranked as a megacity with a population of over 10 million people, it is one of the largest cities in the world, and the largest city proper in the developed world. It is located in northwest South Korea on the Han River, and is surrounded by the mountains, most notably Mount Bukhan.

It was first settled around 4000 BC. Seoul was first noted as a city, however, in 18 BC, under the name of Wiryeseong.

Today, Seoul is known as one of the world's most powerful cities. It ranked the 4th wealthiest city by economy in 2012, and houses the sixth largest population of Fortune 500 company headquarters in the world. It is additionally known for its vibrant culture, its fast growth, fast-paced and upscale lifestyle, tourist draw, as the birthplace of K-pop, its modern architecture and skyscrapers, and the incorporation of the riverfront with the downtown area.

People Born in Seoul

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Seoul in People's Lives

Connie Talbot: I traveled here to perform a concert in 2008. Following the tour, my songs reached number one billboard charts in South Korea.

Jack London: I traveled here in 1904 as a journalist covering the Russo-Japanese War. I was arrested just outside this city by Japanese police, for the second time. Again, I was released shortly afterward, on good terms. I was even given permission to travel with the Japanese Imperial Army the Battle of the Yalu in Sinuiju.

Massimo Brambati: I traveled here in 1988 to play on the Italian soccer team for the Summer Olympics.


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