Sault Saint Marie, often spelled Sault Ste. Marie, is a large town in the province of Ontario in southeastern Canada. It is the third-largest city in northern Ontario. It is located on the St. Mary's River, directly across the river from the United States border and the city of Sault Saint Marie, Michigan. The two cities have a close relationship to each other, and are linked by the International Bridge. 

Originally used by the Ojibwe indians as a place of annual whitefish hunting, the first European contact was made by Etienne Brule in 1623, and was named "Sault de Gaston" in honor of Gaston, Duke of Orleans. In 1668, the town was established by French Jesuit missionaries, who renamed the town its present name. However, it was in Michigan that the town was originally founded. It later grew across the river and after that split into two towns due to its location on national borders. It is one of the oldest French settlements in North America.

Today, Sault Saint Marie is known for its history, riverfront, busy port, watergoing economy, rapids, cold winters, nearby Native Indian reserves, bridge, and canal.

People Born in Sault Saint Marie

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Sault Saint Marie in People's Lives

Margaret Atwood: I lived here on and off during my early childhood, around 1940 - 1945, during which time our family moved in a sort of rotation between this town, Ottawa (where I was born), and Toronto. As a result of our moving around so much, I did not attend any school regularly until later in my childhood.

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