Santa Fe street scene
Santa Fe is the capitol city of the American state of New Mexico. It was founded in 1610, making it the oldest state capitol in the country.

Before Spanish explorers reached the area, the vicinity of Santa Fe was the site of many Native American villages from about 900 onward.

People Born in Santa Fe

Adrien Grenier

Santa Fe in People's Lives

Adrien Grenier: I was born here in 1976, though I moved away at a young age.

Heike Makatsch: I lived here briefly in 1988, in order to improve my English.

Jake Gyllenhaal: I traveled here in 1990 to film scenes of the movie City Slickers

Liam NeesonI traveled here in 2005 to film scenes of the movie Seraphim Falls

Natalie Portman: I traveled here in 2008 to film scenes of the movie Brothers, and in 2010 to film scenes of Thor

Sienna MillerI traveled here to film scenes of the movie Just Like a Woman in 2011.

Viggo Mortensen: I traveled here to film scenes of the movie Young Guns II in 1989, as well as Appaloosa in 2007.

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