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Santa Cruz del Quiche is a town in southwestern Guatemala. Located in a mountain region, it is elevated at 6,631 feet above sea level.

The city was founded by the K'iche native people as "Q'umarkaj around 1400, and was the Mayan capital. That city was burnt down and completely destroyed in 1524 by Pedro de Alvarado, who then founded the modern Santa Cruz del Quiche in the same location.

Today, it is known for its beautiful mountains, natural scenery, churches, and tragic Mayan history. 

People Born in Santa Cruz del Quiche

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Santa Cruz del Quiche in People's Lives

Pedro de Alvarado: In order to completely conquer the native people, I destroyed the city that existed here - the capital of the Mayan empire - and founded a new city in its place, in 1524. Stones from the rubble of the old city were partially used to build the new one. The former rulers and highborn nobles of the Mayan city were either executed or made into slaves.

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