San Blas is a town in the state of Nayarit on the western coastline of Mexico, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. 

The town began in 1531, though its official date of founding is in 1768 as a colony of New Spain.

Today, San Blas is known for its relaxed atmosphere, beaches, mountainous terrain, surfing, mangrove forests, and bird watching.

People Born in San Blas


San Blas in People's Lives

Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra: This is a town that I knew well and spent much time in. After commanding a successful exploratory voyage in North America, I returned here in 1776. I was soon given a new voyage to be a part of, as second-in-command of a fleet of ships exploring the northwest coast. We departed this town in February of 1779. I would later be given a promotion to Frigate Captain for the success of this voyage, in 1780. I also returned here in 1783 in between missions. I returned for a more permanent stay in 1788, after years spent in Madrid, when I was appointed Commandant of the Naval Department of San Blas. I commanded not only this town but the entire area for the Spanish Navy. While here, I often set out on expeditions, and though this was my home base, I was more often in Canada in the Nootka Sound area. I also sent out other ships myself, and commanded this area well. After suffering from painful chronic headaches for three years, I requested a leave from my duties as commander here in 1793, which was granted by the navy. I left this town to seek medical treatment in Mexico City, never to return again.

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