San Andres is an island city located on San Andres Island in the Caribbean Sea. It was established around 1629 by Spanish conquistadors, but inhabited before that by Jamaican fisherman.

The island has long been a topic of dispute between Colombia and Nicaragua, as it is far closer to Nicaragua, who claims that by historical right, the island should belong to them.

However, in 2012, a Supreme Court of Justice (CIJ) ruling on the territorial and maritime dispute between Nicaragua and Colombia, confirmed that Colombia had sovereign control over the waters of the islands of San Andrés, Providencia, Santa Catalina, Alburqueque, Bajo New, Southeast, Dream Remover, Roncador, Serrana and Serranilla. The Court also declared Nicaragua's request to define the maritime delimitation between the two countries admissible. Thus, the judgment determined the maritime border around the islands of Quitasueño and Serrana.

San Andres is known as a tourist and vacation destination, mainly for Colombian, Jamaican, and Nicaraguan vacationers.

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Henry Morgan: I invaded and captured this city for the English crown around 1665.

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