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Samuel Cooper was an American 18th Century minister well known in New England during his lifetime.

Full Name Samuel Cooper
Who minister
Birth Date March 28, 1725
Death Date December 29, 1783
Country United States
Born Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Cause of Death unknown
Education Harvard University
Father William Cooper
Mother Judith Sewall Cooper
Spouse Judith Bulfinch Cooper
Children two daughters


As an influential minister of one of the leading churches in Boston, Cooper was the pastor of John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Joseph Warren, John Adams, and more.

Cooper was a friend of Benjamin Franklin, Charles Hector d'Estaing, Gideon Hawley, Charles Gravier de Vergennes, and Phillis Wheatley.

John Singleton Copley painted a portrait of Cooper.

Cooper was asked to preach a sermon in an audience for Spencer Phipps in 1756.

Cooper was asked to preach a sermon for Thomas Pownall in 1759.

Cooper helped Albert Gallatin to procure employment as a French professor at Harvard.


Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Born here in 1725, lived here for nearly his entire life.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - Attended university here, 1739 - 1743.

How Added - Found through Albert Gallatin.