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Samos is the largest town on the Island of Samos in the eastern Greek isles.

It is an ancient city, but the town of today was established in the mid 18th Century as a port, then called "Vathy." The name Vathy now refers to the region that the town is in on the island. It became the capital, or, administration centre, of the island in the 19th Century, after which population increased. 

Today, Samos is known for its island beauty, architecture, temple and other ancient ruins, mountainous terrain, beautiful beaches, amphitheatre layout, and bayfront.

People Born in Samos

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Samos in People's Lives

Herodotus: It is thought that I perhaps lived here as a child, which would have been in the 480's - 470's BC. It is possible that my parents were exiled here due to a political uprising in my hometown of Bodrum. Though it is not known why or when I was here, I certainly at least visited at some point in my life, as I later praised the beauty of this town and island in my writings.

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