All Saints Bay and Salvador aerial
Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia in eastern Brazil, and the largest city on the country's northeastern coast. It is the third most-populated city in the country. Salvador is sometimes nicknamed Brazil's "Capital of Happiness" due to the festive spirit of the city, and its carnival - the largest in the world. 

The discovery and founding of Salvador began with its bay, All Saints Bay, which was discovered by Portuguese explorers in 1500. However, the city was not founded until 1549, by Tome de Sousa and a group of Portuguese settlers. It was made the capital of colonial Brazil, a status it retained until 1763, when site was shifted to Rio de Janeiro.

Today, Salvador is a center for Brazilian culture, food, and economy. It is known for its lively parties and festivals, beautiful coastline and beaches, wealth, luxury hotels, colonial architecture, music, and general happiness.

People Born in Salvador

Adriana Lima

Salvador in People's Lives

Adriana Lima: I was born here in 1981, and grew up here. I am of Portuguese, Brazilian, and African descent. As a child, my father wasn't a part of my life: he walked out on my mother when I was only 6 months old, and I didn't take his last name. I was raised conservative and Catholic. In high school, I was fond of participating in beauty pageants. When I was 15, a friend entered in a the Ford modeling contest and, too nervous to go by herself, encourage me to enter as well. I did, and won. I went on to place second in Ford's international modeling contest and become one of the most successful supermodels in the world. Today, I often go back to my home city, and also sponsor an orphanage here. I paid for construction for them to expand their building, and also pay for the children's clothing.

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