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Saint David's is a small town in the county of Pembrokeshire in western Wales, situated between the River Alun and the St. David's Peninsula.

The town was established when St. David, the patron saint of Wales and the town's namesake, built a monastery there in the mid 500's AD.

Today, Saint David's is known for its cathedral, as a place dedicated to its patron saint, and for its strongly English atmosphere. It is also the location of a highly successful lifeboat and lifeguard training establishment.

People Born in Saint David's

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Saint David's in People's Lives

William the Conqueror: I visited here in 1080, reportedly on a pilgrimage to pay homage to St. David. It may be noted that this was a rather strategic move on my part. Having just gone through 14 years of incessantly putting down rebellions in northern England and southern Scotland, I no doubt realized that attempting to fortify the Welsh area of my kingdom would be a challenge of equal proportions, which I would probably not live long enough to finish. Perhaps by journeying here to publically honor the revered patron saint of Wales, I hoped to gain my subject's approval and loyalty through religion rather than war.

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