Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands, located in the region of South Holland in the south of the country. It is recognized as one of the largest ports in the world, and the largest port in Europe. From 1962 - 2004, Rotterdam Port was the busiest and wealthiest in the world, until surpassed by Shanghai.

The area was first settled around 900 AD, but heavy flooding wiped out the town in 1150. A river dam was built there in the 1260's, and a new town grew around it. By 1340, it was officially granted city status.

Today, Rotterdam is considered a fast-growing city that is coming into its own character aside from its reputation as a major port. The city is well known for its dramatic, modern architecture, with an eclectic array of design and innovations. The city is considered to have a youthful, fast-paced culture.

People Born in Rotterdam

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Rotterdam in People's Lives

William Penn: I stayed in this city in 1677, while on a missionary voyage on the Quaker's behalf.

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