Rochford is a town in the county of Essex in southeastern England, located 43 miles from London.

It was formed sometime in the Middle Ages as "Rochefort." Today, it is known for its estate house, pubs, and historic buildings.

People Born in Rochford

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Rochford in People's Lives

Mary Boleyn: In 1534, a few months after secretly marrying my second husband William for love, I became pregnant, and our marriage was discovered. The king and Anne were both furious, due to the fact that William was a poor ex-soldier and far from noble. We were banished from court, and went to live in Rochford Hall here. Though I was happy and in love, we were poverty stricken, and I desperately wrote to Thomas Cromwell beseeching him to implore the king to allow me a pension. Cromwell did so numerous times, but Henry VIII seemed stonily determined to ignore me. At last, Anne pitied my position enough to send me a valuable gold cup and some funds, though she adamantly refused to reinstate me in court. In 1536, Anne and my brother George Boleyn were executed, and there is no record or evidence that I went to see them. This may have been because I thought it wise to distance myself from my doomed relatives and avoid a similar fate, or perhaps I went to visit them in secret. Three years after their deaths, in 1539, both my parents had passed away, and I inherited Rochford Hall as my own. I was content to live with my husband in the countryside in obscurity, away from the facades and deceit of court life. With my inheritance, my days of poverty ended, and though I was far from wealthy, I lived comfortably. My family's most grand castle in Hever was given back to the crown after my parent's deaths, but when Henry sold it years later, he unexpectedly gave me a portion of the proceeds. I died here, happily forgotten by court, in 1543, at the age of 44.

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