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Rochester is a town in southeastern England.

It was established around the 5th Century, and is home to the second-oldest school in the world, King's School, which was established in 604.

People Born in Rochester

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Rochester in People's Lives

Anne of Cleves: I first met my fiancee Henry VIII here on New Year's Day in 1540, when he barged into my chambers unannounced and shockingly kissed me. I was not appreciative of this, even after he revealed his identity. Our cold first meeting led into an equally frigid marriage, which we annulled after six months.

Henry VIII: My first meeting with my fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, took place here on New Year's Day in 1540, when I entered her chambers incognito with a few of my courtiers and charmingly kissed her. However, even after I revealed my identity, she was very haughty and cold, and I immediately disliked her. Though I did my best to get out of it, we were married a month later, but divorced six months after that.

Jude Law: I traveled here in 2013 to film scenes of the movie Black Sea. 

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