Robert the Bruce statue
Robert the Bruce, or Robert I of Scotland, was King of Scots from 1306 - 1329. Following in the footsteps of William Wallace, he led the Scottish Wars of Independence against England, and became one of the most renowned warriors of his generation. He is considered a national icon of Scotland.

Full Name Robert the Bruce
Who King of Scots
Birth Date July 11, 1274
Death Date June 7, 1329
Country Scotland
Born Maybole, Scotland, UK
Died Cardross, Scotland, UK
Cause of Death unknown disease
Education n/a
Father Robert de Brus, 6th Lord of Annandale
Mother Marjorie, Countess of Carrick

Isabella of Mar

Elizabeth de Burgh


Christina Bruce

Isabel Bruce

Nigel Bruce

Edward Bruce

Thomas Bruce

Alexander Bruce

Mary Bruce

Matilda Bruce


Marjorie Bruce

David II of Scotland


Bruce was the fourth great-grandson of David I of Scotland, giving him his right to the Scottish throne.

Bruce was the grandson of Robert de Brus, 5th Lord of Annandale. He was close to his grandfather growing up, and Brus, who had attempted to claim the Scottish throne during the Great Cause, was a major influence on the young Bruce.

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How Added - Through his supporter William Wallace.

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