Rivoli Veronese is a small town in the region of Veneto in northeastern Italy, located on the River Adige 12 miles from Verona.

It is best known for its rolling hillsides and castle.

People Born in Rivoli Veronese

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Rivoli Veronese in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: I won the Battle of Rivoli here in 1796, in a crushing and decisive victory. The opposing generals of the Austrian army were Jozsef Alvinczi and Peter Vitrus von Quosdanovich. This was an important battle, firstly because it was the fourth and final attempt of the Austrians to relieve the months-long siege of Mantua, and also because it marked the beginning of an end to my battles agains the Austrians altogether, and the further unfolding of my occupation of northern Italy. 

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