Reykjavik is the capital of and the largest city in Iceland, located in the southwest of the country on the Faxafloi Bay. It is the world's northernmost capital city of a country. It ranks among the world's cleanest, safest, and greenest cities in the world.

Debatably, Reykjavik is the oldest city in Iceland, founded in 870 AD by Ingolfr Arnarson. However, there was little civilization or development in the town until the 18th Century, and the city of today was not officially founded until 1786, when it became a trading and merchant town.

Today, Reykjavik is known for its frigid beauty, waterfront and bayside, hotels and spas, luxurious Blue Lagoon, surrounding icebergs, Norse history, salmon fishing, wildlife, and tourism. It is the center of Icelandic culture, economy, business, and government.

People Born in Reykjavik

Anita Briem

Reykjavik in People's Lives

Magnus Carlsen: I traveled here in 2004 to compete in a blitz chess tournament. On the first day of the competition, I defeated the former World Champion Anatoly Karpov, but the next day was beaten in a second-game after a draw by Garry Kasparov, then the best player in the world. 

Natalie PortmanI traveled here in 2012 to film scenes of the movie Thor: The Dark World.

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