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Repton is a small town in the shire county of Derbyshire, located on the edge of the River Trent floodplain.

The town was founded around 653 AD. Today, it is best known as the location of Repton School, an elite boarding academy, as well as for its history and gardens.

People Born in Repton

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Repton in People's Lives

Roald Dahl: I attended the boarding academy Repton School here in this town, from 1929 - 1934, making me age 13 - 18 during my time here. I later wrote of my time here in my memoir Boy. A friend of mine was brutally caned by the headmaster, to my horror. The incident made a terrible and lasting impression on me, convinced me that corporal punishment was wrong, and also caused me to question religion and my belief in God. At this school, I was an average student. I was not known to be a good writer, and one of my English teachers even chided me on my lack of writing skill. Despite this, I was passionate about books and literature and was forever reading something or other. At sports, I fared better than at my studies. Being quite tall at 6'6, I excelled in this division and became captain of two of the school's sports teams, as well as playing soccer. I also discovered an interest in photography and often carried a camera with me. The Cadbury Chocolates Co. would often send the students of this school boxes of complimentary chocolates. I dreamed of one day inventing a marvelous chocolate bar that would impress Mr. Cadbury himself, which was my inspiration for the book I would later become most famous for, Charlies and the Chocolate Factory

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