Reno is a city in southwestern Nevada, located in a desert in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, 448 miles northwest of Las Vegas. It is the third-largest city in its state.

It was established in 1868.

Today, Reno is nicknamed "the Biggest Little City in the World," known for its party and fun atmosphere, bright flashing lights, casinoes, strip clubs, entertainment, and surrounding mountains, deserts, and parks.

People Born in Reno

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Reno in People's Lives

Jack London: I traveled here in 1910, as a reporter and avid boxing fan, to document the famous Johnson-Jeffries match here. At the time, the match was built up into a supercharged media event due to the fact that James J. Jeffries, a blonde-haired white man, was matched against Jack Johnson, an African-American who was the son of former slaves. The match flared racial tensions, with the newspapers calling Jeffries the "Great White Hope." I, however, took a color-blind approach to the match, and regarded Johnson to be the better fighter. Johnson famously won the fight, as I cheered him on.

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