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Rennes is a city in the region of Brittany in northwestern France, located at the confluence of the Ille and Vilaine Rivers. It is the capital of Brittany, and is the tenth-largest city in France. 

It was settled in the 2nd Century BC by a Gallic tribe, and later became a Greek, and then Roman, colony. During the middle ages, it was one of the powerful capitals of the Duchy of Brittany.

Today, Rennes is known for its beauty, pictaresque architecture and buildings, shopping, markets, history, palaces, cathedral, university, and quality of life.

People Born in Rennes

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Rennes in People's Lives

Henry VII: I traveled here in December of 1483, preparing my scheme to take back the throne of England from the House of Plantagenet. At the time, the king Edward VII had just died, and his brother Richard III had seized the throne, though many supporters clamored that I was the rightful king. I was 26 years old. Here, at Rennes Cathedral on Christmas Day, I declared that I intended to marry Elizabeth of York, the daughter of Edward VII and Elizabeth Woodville, and make her my queen, uniting the two houses that had been at war for decades. I gathered supporters and made further plans, before leaving for Paris.