Snowy Victoria Avenue
Regina is the capitol city of the state of Saskatchewan in mid-southern Canada.

Geographical features are the Wascana Lake, which was originally a creek that was dammed up artificially.

The city was established in 1882.

People Born in Regina

Tatiana Maslany

Regina in People's Lives

Tatiana Maslany: I was born here in 1985, the daughter of a woodworker and a translator. I am the oldest of four children. During my early childhood, I was taught French and German before I learned English, and also a little Spanish, thanks to my mother's gift with languages. I grew up here, beginning dance training in 1989, at the age of four, and taking up a love for theater and acting when I was nine, in 1994. In middle school and high school, I participated in drama, improv, and theater. I graduated high school in 2003, having already worked hard at various jobs in an attempt to save money to pay for an upcoming life spent trying to break into acting. I moved away from this town to Toronto in 2005, at the age of 20, to pursue acting.

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