Reading is a town in the Berks county of Pennsylvania. In the 2010 cencus, Reading had the highest poverty rate in the country.

The land was originally inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Indians, but the town itself was founded in 1743.

People Born in Reading

Taylor Swift

Reading in People's Lives

Jared Leto: I traveled here in 1998 to film scenes of the movie Girl, Interrupted. We filmed at the Reading Public Museum.

Summer Bishil: I traveled here in 2009 to film scenes of the movie The Last Airbender.

Taylor Swift: I was born here in 1989, the first child of a Merrill Lynch financial advisor and a housewife. I was raised in a conservative, Christian household and attented bible school. My father instilled in me a love for my birth-state of Pennsylvania, having been born and raised there, while my mother told me exotic stories of growing up in far-away Singapore. I couldn't have known then that I would one day tour there to a massive fan base. My family moved to another small Pennsylvania town around 1995.

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