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Rabat is the capital and fourth-largest city in Morocco. It is located on the shores of the Atlantic at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg. Directly across the river lies the city of Sale, which Rabat has close ties with.

The city grew around a citadel built in 1146 by Abd al-Mu'min, which was then used as a launching point for a war against Iberia. 

Today, Rabat is known for its rich culture, souks and markets, unfinished historic mosque, history, architecture, frequent use of the color blue in buildings, importation and exportation economy, beaches, and beauty.

People Born in Rabat

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Rabat in People's Lives

Olivia Culpo: I visited this country in late 2013, during my reign as Miss USA 2012.

Orlando Bloom: I traveled here to film scenes of the movie Black Hawk Down in 2000.

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