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Quetzaltenango, most commonly known as Xela or, at times, as Xelaju, is the second-largest city in Guatemala, located in the southwest of the country in a mountain region. Highly elevated, it is 7,640 feet above sea level at its lowest point.

Since approximately the 13th Century, it was inhabited by native people, until Spanish Conquistadors arrived around 1520. By this time, the city was already 300 years old.

Today, Quetzaltenango is known for its high population of native people, culture, mountains, surrounding highland farms, volcano, the thin air due to its altitude, coffee, architecture, and churches.

People Born in Quetzaltenango

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Quetzaltenango in People's Lives

Pedro de Alvarado: I commanded a battle here in 1524, and defeated the K'iche natives.

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