Beautiful city lights aerial Queenstown
Queenstown is a resort town in southern New Zealand, located on the Queenland Bay in Lake Wakatipu.

Previously inhabited by the Maori people, the first European explored the area in 1853. The city was established in 1860.

Bordered by mountains and crystal blue waters, Queenstown is a popular vacation destination, and is also known as a center for skiing, bungee jumping, and extreme sports.

People Born in Queenstown

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Queenstown in People's Lives

Agatha Christie: I visited here in 1922.

Orlando Bloom: I lived here from about 1999 - 2002, filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Some of the best years of my life, and my first major role in a film, I remember those days with the best of memories. Originally, I auditioned for the part of Faramir. While shooting a scene here, I fell from a horse and broke a rib.

Viggo Mortensen: I lived here from 1999 - 2002, approximately, filming The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was what I still refer to as the best time of my life.

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