Pravdinsk is a small town in the subject of Kaliningrad in far-western Russia, located on the Lava River about 35 miles southeast of the city of Kaliningrad.

It was founded in 1312 as a river fort, and was officially made a town in 1335. For a time, it belonged to the Prussian Empire, and was known by its German name, "Friedland." It recieved its current name in 1946, when the town was seeking to rid itself of German association.

Today, it is known for its military history.

People Born in Pravdinsk


Pravdinsk in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: After some military disappointments and violent stalements against the Russian and Prussian armies, I finally annihilated the enemy forces at the Battle of Friedland here in June of 1807, just three days after our indecisive skirmish in the Battle of Heilsberg. In the end, the enemy retreated in a frenzy across the river. 40,000 enemy troops were killed, while my armies suffered only 8,000 casualties. The enormous scale of my victory convinced the Russians, at last, to make a peace treaty with my French Empire.

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