Batería de Santiago en Portobelo
Portobelo is a small port town in central-northern Panama. It was founded in 1597 by Spanish explorers, and was during the 17th Century a prominent silver-mining town and port.

Today, the town draws much off of tourism through its historical lure, and is also known for its naturally deep harbor.

People Born in Portobelo

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Portobelo in People's Lives

Henry Morgan: Drawn by the wealth of this city (it was, at the time, the third most powerful Spanish city in the New World), I made plans to attack it in 1668. There were multiple delays due to my crew, a mix of primarily English and French buccaneers, siding up against each other, and refusing to work together. Duels, stabbings, hangings, and furious threats of revenge broke out. Upon arrival on the shores of this city, my crew was intimidated by the appearance of its strong fortifications, but was eventually convinced after promises of rich rewards. Despite suffering heavy losses, the city eventually surrendered after two of its three forts were taken, and my fleet and I lived here for two months, during which time we drained the city of its wealth and ransomed off important Spanish citizens.

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