Portland is the largest city in Maine.

In 1623, King Charles I granted this land to Christopher Levett, in order for him to begin a colony. A settlement was built, but failed due to a lack of resources. The village was re-settled in 1633 as a fishing and trading town, then called "Casco."

Today, Portland is known for its New England beauty and abundance of restaurants.

People Born in Portland

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Portland in People's Lives

Lois Lowry: I moved here with my children and husband in 1963, where my family lived on a charming farmhouse. "My children grew up in Maine; so did I." It was here that my writing career really took off. I got divorced here in 1977, after 21 years of marriage, and got my own apartment downtown. I consider this to be my true home.

Martin Pring: I explored in this general area in 1603.

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