Port Louis is the capital and largest city of Mauritius. It was established as a French harbor in 1638 and is named in honor of Louis XV.

People Born in Port Louis

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Port Louis in People's Lives

Charles Hector d'Estaing: After reluctantly accepting a leave on parole after being wounded in battle, I sailed here in 1759 and entered into the French East India Company.

Gerald Durrell: I traveled here several times in the 1970's. I was now a household name in Britain as a writer of humorous animal-story memoirs, and a revered name in the zoology field. I coordinated large-scale conservation organizations here, which led to the founding of the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation in 1984.

Joseph Conrad: I visited here in 1888 on a brief visit while on a merchant voyage through the African coast. During my short time here, I developed not one, but two romances. The first was with a local 17 year old girl (I was aged 31 at the time) named Alice, the daughter of a shipping agent. She owned the only rose garden in town, where I would go to watch and flirt with her. I later wrote about her in my 1910 story A Smile of Fortune. My second romantic involvement was with a 26 year old social belle name Eugenie, the niece of one of my closest friends. My impeccable French helped me to win her over, and I asked for her hand in marriage. However, she had already been promised to a local pharmacist. I left abruptly and without ever bidding Eugenie goodbye, but left a dramatic note for her uncle saying that I would never visit Mauritius again.

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