Port Huron is a town in southeastern Michigan, located on Lake Huron and on the St. Clair River. It is situated on the easternmost point in Michigan. Its close proximity to Canada make many Canadian businesses and cultural qualities common within the town.

Though originally inhabited by the Ojibwa Indians, the first European settlement here was a temporary French trading post in the 17th Century. This makeshift post was soon abandoned, however. After the War of 1812, the American government built Fort Gratiot here in 1814, followed by the creation of this town in 1857.

Today, Port Huron is known for its Canadian lifestyle, bridge, lighthouse, lakeside and riverside views, downtown area, and two paper mills.

People Born in Port Huron

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Port Huron in People's Lives

Mamah Borthwick: I lived here, and worked as a librarian and translator after graduating from university, from around 1892 - 1899, after which I moved to Chicago after marrying my husband.

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