Port Elizabeth is a city on the central-southern coastline of South Africa, located on Algoa Bay and home to one of the largest South African ports. It is sometimes nicknamed the "Windy City" or "Friendly City." 

It was settled as a colony in 1652, with ties to the Dutch East India Trading Company. A fort was built in 1799, to protect against a possible French invasion. The city was officially founded in 1820.

Today, Port Elizabeth is known for being one of South Africa's most laid back and amicable cities, with a friendly and breezy atmosphere. It is notable for its large port, maritime activities, importation and exportation business, beautiful beaches, dolphin watching, sporting events, and European influenced architecture.

People Born in Port Elizabeth

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Port Elizabeth in People's Lives

Reeva Steenkamp: I grew up here, and my family moved here around 1994, when I was about 11 years old. I attended middle and high school here, and attended Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University from around 2001 - 2005, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree. I began modeling at the age of 14, in 1997. I was a finalist in the Miss Port Elizabeth competition in 2005. I was an avid horseback rider, until I broke my back in a severe fall from a horse around 2004, and had to go through much recovery time and even re-learn how to walk. I worked as a paralegal and rose to fame as a model.

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