Pisces: "The Fish"

February 19th - March 20th

Type - Water

Positive Attributes - Compassionate, Kind, Creative, Deep, Imaginitive, Accepting, Loyal

Negative Attributes - Oversensitive, Self Pitying, Unconfident, Lazy, Moody, Indecisive

Pisces are very deep, emotional beings, with vast depths of creativity. They are generally very talented, but these may remain hidden talents due to their modesty, and a tendancy to not believe in themselves to the fullest extent. Pisces' are extremely passionate, able to feel with great vibrancy a range of emotions, including happiness, anger, sorrow, joy. They sometimes fall into self doubt, and often benefit greatly from encouragement and from someone else cheering them on and truly believing in them. Without the love and support of others, Pisceans may become depressed. They are not typically leaders. Pisces sometimes keep things bottled up inside, reluctant to express themselves fully to others. They can become solitary and lonely, or even depressed due to the strong emotions that they feel. They can also be oversensitive, and do not take rejection or failure well. They are intuitive and kind, but sometimes their gentle and compassionate nature causes them to be taken advantage of, or to hesitate before speaking up, as they do not wish to cause any trouble or offend anyone. 

current Pisces - 37

Pisces People

February 19 - Nicolaus Copernicus

February 21 - Alan Rickman

February 21 - Anais Nin

February 22 - George Washington

February 23 - Arabella Churchill

February 24 - Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

February 24 - Plastic Bertrand

February 24 - Trace Cyrus

February 25 - John Graves Simcoe

February 27 - Constantine the Great

February 27 - Elizabeth Taylor

February 27 - Lawrence Durrell

February 28 - Karolina Kurkova

March 1 - Javier Bardem

March 2 - Daniel Craig

March 2 - Mikhail Gorbachev

March 2 - Nathalie Emmanuel

March 2 - Sam Houston

March 4 - Whitney Port

March 5 - Bregje Heinen

March 5 - Eva Mendes

March 6 - Agnes Carlsson

March 6 - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

March 6 - Michelangelo

March 10 - Sharon Stone

March 11 - Ine Neefs

March 12 - Hannah Holman

March 12 - Isabella Beeton

March 13 - Kaya Scodelario

March 14 - Albert Einstein

March 14 - Steph Curry

March 15 - Andrew Jackson

March 15 - Kellan Lutz

March 16 - James Madison

March 18 - Adam Levine

March 18 - Grover Cleveland

March 19 - Anne Vyalitsyna

March 20 - Kathy Ireland

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