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Philip II was King of Spain, Portugal, Naples, and Sicily, as well as Duke of Milan, Lord of the Netherlands, and ruler of the Philippines, which were named for him. He was also briefly King Consort of England and Ireland through his marriage to Mary I of England. He empire stretched out over every continent known to Europeans at the time, and he ushered in the Golden Age of Spain. 

Full Name Philip II of Spain
Who Emperor of Spain
Birth Date May 21, 1527
Death Date September 13, 1598
Country Spain
Born Valladolid, Spain
Died Madrid, Spain
Cause of Death cancer
Education extensive royal tutoring
Father Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother Isabella of Portugal

Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal

Mary I of England

Elisabeth of Valois

Anna of Austria, Queen of Spain


Maria of Austria, Holy Roman Empress

Joanna of Austria, Princess of Portugal

John of Austria (half-brother)

Margaret of Parma (half-sister)


Carlos, Prince of Asturias

Isabella Clara Eugenia

Catherine Michelle of Spain

Ferdinand, Prince of Asturias

Diego, Prince of Asturias

Philip III of Spain