Pevensey Castle aerial
Pevensey is a small town in East Sussex on the southern coastline of England. It began as a fort town built by the Romans to fend off seaborn invaders, and the castle was built in 300 AD, then called Anderitum. Ruins of the Pevensey Castle still stand, a major attraction for the town.

Besides its historic ruins, Pevensey is also known for its location on a ridge overlooking the sea, and for its cattle grazing land.

Also, C.S. Lewis named the Pevensies, a family in his famous Chronicles of Narnia, after this town.

People Born in Pevensey

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Pevensey in People's Lives

William the Conqueror: On first making my invasion into England, this was the town I landed in, and after taking the Pevensey Castle, the Norman Conquest officially began in 1066.

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