St. David's Cathedral in Pembroke
Pembroke is a town in the county of Pembrokeshire in southwestern Wales.

It was established as the location of Pembroke Castle in the early 12th Century.

Today, Pembroke is known for its castle, architecture, and history.

People Born in Pembroke

Henry VII

Pembroke in People's Lives

Henry VII: I was born here on January 28th, in 1457. I was born the son of the Earl of Richmond, who had died three months before my birth, and Margaret Beaufort, who was only thirteen years old when I was born. Though I grew up in an era in which the Plantagenet house ruled England, I had a claim to the throne through my mother, who was the great-great-granddaughter of Edward III and Katherine Swynford. However, there were some problems with this claim - firstly, it was through a woman, whereas a claim to the throne through paternal ancestry was in nearly all cases considered to be higher ranking. Also, the son that Edward III and Swynford had had, from which my mother was descended, had been born out of wedlock, despite the fact that Edward and Swynford had later married. I was brought raised here, at Pembroke Castle, as the young Earl of Richmond, my father's former title. However, the castle was seized in 1461 as a land of the new king Edward IV. I was only four years old at the time, and the king became my feudal lord. My mother remarried in 1464, and moved away while I remained behind at the castle. For the rest of my childhood, I seldom saw my mother. There were many shifts in power over the years of my childhood, though the rival house of Plantagenet was currently ruling. But in 1471, other possible claimants to the Tudor throne died, and at the age of 14, I now became a true contender to take back England from the Plantagenets. His uncle Jasper Tudor, recognizing the threat to my safety, took me to France, where I would remain for the next fourteen years.

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