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Pedro de Alvarado was a Spanish conquistador, military commander, Governor of Guatemala, and Governor of Honduras, known as one of the greatest conquistadors of Central America.

Full Name Pedro de Alvarado y Contreras
Who conquistador
Birth Date 1485
Death Date July 4, 1541
Born Badajoz, Spain
Died Guadalajara, Mexico
Cause of Death trampled by a spooked horse
Education unknown
Father Diego de Alvarado y Mexia Sandovol y Porras
Mother Leonor de Contreras y Gutierrez de Trejo

Francisca de la Cueva

Beatriz de la Cueva


Gonzalo de Alvarado

Jorge de Alvarado

Hernando de Alvarado

Juan de Alvarado

Children Leonor de Alvarado Xicotencatl


In 1519, Alvarado set out to Mexico with Hernan Cortes and his fleet, commanding a ship and appointed his second in command while in Tenotchitlan.

In 1519, Cortes took the Aztec ruler Moctezuma captive, and placed Alvarado in charge of ensuring that he did not escape.


Badajoz, Spain - Born here, 1485.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - Traveled here, 1510.

Matanzas, Cuba - Traveled here, 1519.

Villahermosa, Mexico - Traveled here, 1519.

Mexico City, Mexico - Stayed here, 1519.

Tuxtla, Mexico - Was commander of a conquest based here, 1523 - 1527.

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala - Commanded and won a battle here, 1524.

Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala - Destroyed the Mayan capital here, founded a new city, 1524.

Chimaltenango, Guatemala - Traveled here, 1524.

Solola, Guatemala - Commanded and won a battle here, 1524.

Esquipulas, Guatemala - Helped found this city, 1525.

San Salvador, El Salvador - Founded this city, 1525.

Lima, Peru - Traveled here, 1534.

Trujillo, Honduras - Served as Governor of Honduras here, 1534 - 1537.

Guadalajara, Mexico - Died here, 1541.


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