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Pau is a large town in the region of Aquitaine in southwestern France, on the northern edge of the Pyrenees Mountains, 31 miles from the Spanish border.

It was established a fort in the 11th Century.

Today, Pau is known for its university - which makes up for most of the population of the town, its architecture, palace, history, downtown area, Pau Grand Prix, and nearby mountains.

People Born in Pau

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Pau in People's Lives

Mary Todd Lincoln: Depressed and suicidal in 1876, I decided to move to France, and ended up in this town, where I lived for the next 4 years. For two years, I lived in the Grand Hotel, and for the remaining two years moved to the Henri Quatre. While living here, I spent much time exploring Europe as well. In 1880, I fell from a stepladder and injured my spinal cord. Shortly after this, Ulysses S. Grant and his wife Julia Grant visited this city, but insultingly did not call on me. I returned home to my sister in Springfield, Illinois in 1880, in failing health.

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