Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry was an American Founding Father, lawyer, plantation owner, politician and orator. He was appointed Governor of Virginia six times and is best known for his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech.

Full Name Patrick Henry
Who Governor of Virginia
Birth Date May 29, 1736
Death Date June 6, 1799
Country United States
Born Studley, Virginia, USA
Died Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
Cause of Death stomach cancer
Education self-taught
Father John Henry
Mother Sarah Winston Syme

Sarah Shelton

Dorothea Dandridge


Elizabeth Henry Campbell Russell

William Henry


Elizabeth Henry

Dorothea Sportswood Henry

Nathaniel Henry

Edward Winston Henry

Patrick Henry Jr.

Sarah Butler Henry


Henry was a close friend of Thomas Hinde, and it was Hinde that diagnosed Henry's first wife Sarah with a mental illness in 1771. Hinde was instrumental and helping Henry tend to Sarah during the next four years that she was alive, even helping Henry build her a comfortable apartment to be kept in. Hinde also served as Henry's personal physician.

In 1775, Henry teamed up with James Madison when they were both elected as trustees of the soon-to-open Hampden-Sydney College. Around 1787, Henry openly voiced disapproval of the way that the new presidencies were being carried out, and became an advocate against Madison.

Henry led militia in a minor battle against John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore in 1775, in what later became known as the Gunpowder Incident.

Henry was a friend of Joseph Martin, and sent him as an ambassador to the Cherokee indians in 1779. Henry and Martin also invested in real estate together.

One of Henry's daughters married a brother of poet Thomas Campbell.

George Washington offered Henry the position of Secretary of State in 1795, but Henry declined due to his differing opinions on politics. In 1798, John Adams proposed that Henry be sent as an emissary to France, but Henry again declined, citing health issues.

Henry was an adamant supporter of John Marshall.

Henry was an acquaintance of Thomas Jefferson and Richard Henry Lee.


Studley, Virginia, USA - Born here, 1736. Grew up here. Lived here, 1736 - 1765.

Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA - Married here, 1754.

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA - Lived and worked here, 1765 - 1771. Fought a battle here, 1775.

Richmond, Virginia, USA - Lived here, 1775 - 1779 and 1784 - 1794.

Beaverdam, Virginia, USA - Lived here, 1771 - 1775. Buried first wife here, 1775.

Farmville, Virginia, USA - Was made college trustee here, 1775.

Martinsville, Virginia, USA - Lived here, 1779 - 1784.

Lynchburg, Virginia, USA - Lived here, 1794 - 1799. Died here, 1799.

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