St. Patrick stained glass window in Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland, CA
Patrick was a medieval Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop, believed to have been the 1st Bishop of Armagh. He is the primary patron saint of Ireland.

March 17, the purported date of his death, is now celebrated as Saint Patrick's Day.

Full Name Patrick
Who Bishop of Armagh
Birth Date 5th Century
Death Date March 17, 5th Century
Country Ireland / England
Born Roman Britain
Died unknown
Cause of Death unknown
Father Calpornius
Mother Conchessa


I was ordained as a priest by Germanus of Auxerre.


Ballymena, Ireland - Was captured and sold into slavery here, worked as a shepherd, 5th Century.

Wicklow, Ireland - Sailed from here after escaping captivity, years later returned as a missionary, 5th Century.

Auxerre, France - Studied here, 5th Century.

Tours, France - Studied here, 5th Century.

Armagh, Ireland - Founded this town, was Bishop of this town, 5th Century.

Downpatrick, Ireland - Possibly buried here, 5th Century.

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