Gorgeous stunning Palmyra
Palmyra was an ancient Syrian city.

It was first mentioned in history around 2000 BC, and the Hebrew Bible describes it as a desert city built by Solomon.

The city has been uninhabited since the 16th Century, but much of its ruins remain intact.

People Born in Palmyra


Palmyra in People's Lives

Agatha Christie: I visited here on an archaeological expedtion in the 1930's with my husband. We stayed at the Zenobia Hotel.

Zenobia: I was born here in 240 AD, and spent almost all my life here. I was born into an elite family with a royal lineage, and was married here in 258 to the King of Palmyra. When my husband was assassinated in 267, I took over the kingdom as its Queen and Empress. I amassed a large army and began expanding the Palmyrene Empire by leaps and bounds, most impressively conquering Egypt in 269. In my rule, I styled myself as a warrior-queen, riding horseback, mastering archery, marching with my army, and suffering the same hardships that my soldiers suffered, including thirst, hunger, and weariness. Though I built a powerful empire, it ended all too soon, when I was captured and taken to Rome in defeat.

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