Otto von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck was a German politician, who was involved extensively in European politics of the 19th Century. His political posts included Foreign Minister of Prussia, Chancellor of the North German Confederation, Minister President of Prussia, and 1st Chancellor of Germany.

Full Name Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg
Who 1st Chancellor of Germany
Birth Date April 1, 1815
Death Date July 30, 1898
Country Germany
Born Schonhausen, Germany
Died Friedrichsruh, Germany
Cause old age

University of Gottingen

Humboldt University of Berlin

University of Greifswald

Father Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand von Bismarck
Mother Wilhelmine Luise Mencken
Spouse Johanna von Puttkamer

Bernhard von Bismarck

Malwine von Bismarck


Herbert von Bismarck

Wilhelm von Bismarck

Marie von Bismarck

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