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Oslo is the capitol and most-populated city in Norway.

In Norse mythology, Oslo was founded in 1049 by Harald Hardrada, but archaeologists have recently uncovered Christian burial sites that pre-date 1000 AD, making the probability that there was an earlier settlement there strong.

Today, Oslo is known for its beautiful waterfront views, mountains, maritime industry, architecture, education, shipping, high quality of life, and for being one of the most expensive cities to live in the world.

People Born in Oslo

Natassia Malthe

Oslo in People's Lives

Magnus Carlsen: In October of 2013, I began my own company, based in this city, called Play Magnus. An iOS app, it is designed to encourage people of all ages to learn and begin playing chess. I traveled here in 2014 to play an exhibition chess game here against the people of Norway. A panel of Norweigians was allowed to vote and use a computer program to determine their next move. I still won.

Roald Dahl: I often spent my summer holidays here with my mother's Norwegian family, from about 1928 - 1934. I always had such fond memories of my times here.

Viktoria Tolstoy: I performed a concert here in 2011, at the Chat Noir.