Cathedral of Orleans
Orleans is a city in the Centre region of mid-northern France, located on a curve in the Loire River.

The city was a Gallic stronghold, and the site of annual Druid rituals, under the name Cenabum, but was conquered and destroyed by Julius Caesar in 52 B.C. The city was then rebuilt by Emperor Aurelian, and named "Aurelien" in his honor, which later evolved into "Orleans."

People Born in Orleans

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Orleans in People's Lives

Aurelian: I rebuilt this city around 271, transforming it from a ruined former capitol of Druid rituals to a city of the Roman Empire. It was named in my honor.

Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine: I was held as prisoner in Orleans from 991 until my death in 993.

John Calvin: I came to this city in 1525, at the age of 16, leaving a branch of the University of Paris after my father withdrew me from that school in order to enroll me in the University of Orleans in this city, as a law student. While previously, my father had always strongly pushed me toward a career in the priesthood, he now changed course and determined that I would become wealthier as a lawyer. I was, as everywhere else, a good student here, known to be quiet and studious. I graduated in 1529 at the age of 20, and went to pursue further study at the University of Bourges.

Julius Caesar: I conquered and destroyed this city in 52 B.C.

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