Orange Circle
Orange is a city in Orange County in southwestern California, located 3 miles east of Santa Ana

It was founded in 1776 as a Spanish mission and was later made part of an enormous ranch, "Rancho San Antonio," owned by a wealthy Spanish landowner. The actual town was established by two lawyers in 1864, originally named "Richland," though the name was changed to its present one in 1873. 

Today, Orange is best known for its historic homes, many of which were built before the 1920's. This is particularly rare in California, as most citites demolished these residences in the 1960's in favor of more current designs. Orange was one of the few citites that decided to preserve them. The city is also known for its airy plaza, charming downtown area, Christian university, and breezy and happy way of life.

People Born in Orange

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Orange in People's Lives

Kellan Lutz: I moved here in 2003, at the age of 18, to attend Chapman University, where I studied for a degree in Chemical Engineering. I left in 2004 to pursue acting. In 2005, I returned to this city to film scenes for the movie Accepted, where we actually filmed at my former university.

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