Olivia Culpo is an American beauty pageant competitor of Italian and Irish descent. In 2012, she was Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA, and then Miss Universe. Additionally, Culpo is a skilled cellist who has played with many prestigious Northeastern American symphonies.

Full Name Olivia Frances Culpo
Who Miss Universe 2012
Birth Date May 8, 1992
Born Cranston, Rhode Island, USA
Country United States
Education Boston University
Father Peter Culpo
Mother Susan Curran

Aurora Culpo

Sophia Culpo

two other siblings


As the winner of Miss USA, a competition run by the Trump family, Culpo worked with Donald Trump, whom she grew close to and highly admires.

Culpo traveled with Wenxi Yu in 2013 to Moscow.

Culpo met designer Sherri Hill in 2013, and later in the year walked for her in New York Fashion Week.

Culpo acted in a music video of a song by Emin Agalarov in 2013, and she traveled to Russia to help him promote the single. The two became friends, and the two traveled to London together later in the year.

Culpo met Nick Jonas in Moscow when he hosted the Miss USA pageant in 2013. The two began dating in September 2013, and confirmed their relationship a few months later in an interview with Joan Rivers. Jonas broke off their two year relationship in 2015, leaving Culpo "heartbroken." Jonas wrote the song "Jealous" about the end of their relationship.


Cranston, Rhode Island, USA - Born here, 1992. Grew up here.

East Providence, Rhode Island, USA - Attended middle school here, 1990's.

Brevard, North Carolina, USA - Attended musical summer school here, approximately 2008 and 2009.

Milan, Italy - Traveled here, 2009.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Played in symphony here, around 2008 - 2010.

New York, New York, USA - Often here. Played in symphony here, around 2010. 

London, England, UK - Played in symphony here, around 2010.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Won title of Miss USA and Miss Universe here, 2012.

Jakarta, Indonesia - Traveled here, 2013.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia - Traveled here, 2013.

Surabaya, Indonesia - Traveled here, 2013.

Bali, Indonesia - Traveled here, 2013.

Los Angeles, California, USA - Often here.

Moscow, Russia - Traveled here multiple times, 2013.

Chicago, Illinois, USA - Traveled here, 2013.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA - Traveled here for promotional work, 2013.

Machala, Ecuador - Traveled here, 2013.

Rabat, Morocco - Traveled here, 2013.

Niagara Falls, New York, USA - Traveled here, 2013.

Nassau, Bahamas - Traveled here, 2013.

London, England, UK - Traveled here for promotional work, 2013.

Southampton, New York, USA - Played cello at a charity gala here, 2013.

Agra, India - Traveled here, nearly got arrested on a photo shoot, 2013.

Looks Like - Camilla Belle, Hayden Panettiere

How Added - Through ex Nick Jonas, who was added via his brother Joe Jonas, who was added via his ex Taylor Swift.

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