Horses in Newmarket
Newmarket is a town in the county of Suffolk in eastern England, located 65 miles north of London. It is the birthplace of Thoroughbred horse racing, and nearly all aspects of the town are about, or at least partially involved, in horses. It is considered the global capital of horse racing.

It was founded sometime around the 13th Century, and was boosted into an economic rise when James I decided to build Newmarket Palace here in 1606.

Today, Newmarket is known for being all things equine, with world renowned stables, jockeys, training centers, race tracks, and racing clubs.

People Born in Newmarket

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Newmarket in People's Lives

John Scott-Ellis: I first fell in love with horse racing here, in 1922, at the age of 10. While visiting here with my father, I was struck with the measles. Though I quickly got over the disease, it was thought that I was still just weak enough that I should not travel until fully recovered. As a result, I remained here for some time, watching my father's interactions with the horses and dealings on the track. I was fascinated, and for the rest of my life remained so with the sport of horse racing. The jockeys and trainers here took a liking to me, and would give me betting tips on the day's races - a daily event that I greatly looked forward to. This town would be heavily involved in the rest of my life.

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