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Newbury is a town in northeastern Massachusetts, located 32 miles northeast of Boston.

It was established in 1634 by two reverends, who brought with them a group of approximately 100 settlers from Wiltshire, England.

Today, Newbury is known for its downtown area, New England atmosphere, and historic homes and buildings.

People Born in Newbury

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Newbury in People's Lives

John Woodbridge: I moved here as a part of a group of settlers from Wiltshire, England in 1634. I took part in helping to first establish this town, and from the beginning was regarded as a figure of promise and respect despite my young age  - 21 at the time. I was immediately made Town Clerk here, a position I held from 1634 - 1638. I married a young lady named Mercy, the daughter of the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1639, at the age of 26. I was Deputy to the General Court of Newbury from 1639 - 1641, being elected for three consecutive terms. In 1641, I decided to establish my own town nearby, and become a minister there, and so moved to found the town of Andover. I returned to Newbury in 1663, 22 years later, after having lived in England again for some time. I decided to settle here permanently, now being 50 years old. I was a religious teacher and assistant pastor under my uncle, another respected reverend. After a disagreement with my congregation and the other pastors about some points of doctrine, I left my post as a minister in 1672, though it pained me to do so, as being a pastor was the only job and purpose that I had ever had. However, I served as magistrate to this town until my death in March of 1696. I died at the age of 83.

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