Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut and the first person to ever walk on the Moon. Additonally, he was an aerospace engineer, officer in the U.S. Navy, test pilot, naval aviator, and university professor. 

Full Name Neil Alden Armstrong
Who astronaut
Birth Date August 5, 1930
Death Date August 25, 2012
Country United States
Born Wapakoneta, Ohio, USA
Died Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Cause of Death complications from surgery

Purdue University

University of Southern California

Father Stephen Koenig Armstrong
Mother Viola Louise Engel Armstrong
Spouse Janet Shearon Armstrong

June Armstrong

Dean Armstrong


Eric Armstrong

Karen Armstrong

Mark Armstrong


Armstrong flew in 1962 with Chuck Yeager, but only once on a test flight. Yeager would later say that he hadn't been impressed by Armstrong's pilot abilities.

During his days working as a test pilot, Armstrong flew with Milton Orville Thompson and William J. Knight. While Thompson praised him highly, Knight was not so complimentary, criticizing Armstrong for being an engineer before a pilot, and for being too "mechanical" in his flying technique.

Deke Slayton was the first person to approach Armstrong about a career as an astronaut. He called him with the offer in 1962. Armstrong said yes without any hesitation.

Armstrong was accompanied by David Scott on his first mission into space, aboard the Gemini 8

Gene Kranz worked with Armstrong at NASA.

After the landing of the Gemini 8, which had experienced malfunctions and had been forced to abandon its mission, Walter Cunningham publicly denounced Armstrong, saying that he had not reacted to the malfunctions correctly, and could have salvaged the mission. However, Cunningham's accusations were incorrect, and NASA stood up for Armstrong.

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