Narva is the third-largest city in Estonia, located in the northeast of the country close to the Russian border. It is the easternmost city in Estonia.

It was first settled around 1000 BC, making it the oldest known settlement in Estonia. 

Today, it is known for its proximity to Russia, history, and castle.

People Born in Narva

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Narva in People's Lives

Peter the Great: I was here just before the Battle of Narva in 1700, in which my men fought the armies of the Swedish king Charles XII of Sweden. My forces were three times the number of his, and yet the battle still ended in disaster. Unprepared for the fight, my armies were overpowered, especially when the Swedish used a blizzard to their advantage. We were forced to surrender. I was in fact not present during the actual battle, having departed Narva a few days earlier. It had been my belief that Charles would wait to attack, though the Swedish loudly proclaimed across Europe that my absence was a sign of cowardice. This slander did not concern me, however, as I had already proved my courage to my people many times. The failure of the battle convinced me to withdraw my plans of a war on Sweden.

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