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Nairobi is the largest and capitol city of Kenya. It is the most-populated city in eastern Africa, and the 14th most-populated city in all of Africa.

The city was originally established as a tiny railroad stop by the British in 1899, but only eight years later, in 1907, it had become the capitol of British East Africa.

Today, Nairobi is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, with a very high crime rate.

People Born in Nairobi

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Nairobi in People's Lives

John Scott-Ellis: I traveled here around 1935, on a trip to visit land that my father owned in the area.

Ralph Fiennes: I traveled to this city in 2004 to film the movie The Constant Gardener. Many scenes were set in the slums of Kibera, the poorest area in this already poverty stricken city. Many of the people that were "extras" in the film, seen in street scenes and such, were actual people living in horrific conditions. Being in this atmosphere affected me deeply, as it did the rest of the cast and crew. We put together The Constant Gardener Trust as a charity to provide education for children here. I am still a patron of the charity.

Roald Dahl: In 1939, at the age of 23, I made a 600-mile journey by car from Dar es Salaam to this city in order to accept a post as an aircraftsman in the Royal Air Force. I began training with a group of 16 other men, many of whom I became close friends with. Though I didn't know it then, only four of us would survive the coming war. I trained piloting a De Havilland Tiger Moth, and loved flying. I enjoyed seeing the wildlife of Kenya from the air. A talented pilot, I was sent for advanced training in Baghdad in early 1940.

Vivienne Westwood: I set my Autumn / Winter campaign of 2011 here, in poverty encrusted slums. Fond of drawing attention to the frequently unsound ethics and facades of high fashion, I made the campaign's motto "This is not charity, this is work," seeking to bring attention to ethical abuses in fashion often disguised as charity work. The campaign was the subject of much controversy.